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Shandong Hengyang New Materials Co., Ltd

Shandong Hengyang New Materials Co., LtdThe products include long (short) filament non-woven fabric, geomembrane, composite geomembrane, PE/EVA/ECB waterproof board, GCL sodium bentonite waterproof blanket, drainage net, drainage board, grid, three-dimensional soil fixation net pad, geocell, geonet, building waterproof roll, soft permeable pipe, blind ditch, rubber support, waterstop, waterstop, PE/PVC pipe, and other geosynthetic materials. Advanced process technology, complete testing instruments and equipment. The products are widely used in various fields such as highways, railways, bridges and tunnels, reservoir and canal water conservancy, artificial lakes, aviation, mining, agriculture, etc.The company takes "serving customers and benefiting people's livelihoods" as its responsibility, adhering to the business philosophy of "business without domain, integration and symbiosis" and the production philosophy of "pursuing quality", continuously improving its core competitiveness and striving to create "Hengyang" products.

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