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Bentonite waterproof blanket

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GCL sodium based bentonite waterproof blanket-GCL钠基膨润土防水毯

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product introduction:膨润土防水毯的幅宽可达6m,长度为60m,产品渗透系数1.25-3054×10-11m/s,CBR破强度1.2KN,刺破强度0.34KN,综合性能良好。 产品用途 膨润土防水毯质量均匀,抗渗能力强,···

product details


The width of the bentonite waterproof blanket can reach 6m, the length is 60m, and the product permeability coefficient is 1.25-3054 × 10-11m/s, CBR breaking strength of 1.2KN, puncture strength of 0.34KN, with good overall performance.

Product Usage

Bentonite waterproof blanket has uniform quality, strong impermeability, good flexibility, can adapt to uneven settlement of the foundation, and can prevent soil leakage. It has good healing ability for defects such as cracks.

Product Usage

Mainly used for underground anti-seepage and waterproofing construction in municipal, highway, railway, water conservancy, industrial and civil buildings.

Its function is different from that of geomembrane:

1. Under the geomembrane used for the main lining layer of the landfill site

2. Under the geomembrane used for the secondary lining layer of the landfill site

3. Under the geomembrane and on the clay layer of the landfill site, there are also three types of lining layers

4. Under the geomembrane of the landfill cover layer

5. Adjacent to the geomembrane in the vertical cutoff wall

6. Place it on the geomembrane to prevent coarse particles from puncturing the geomembrane

7. Layer lining used for underground water storage wells