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公路与桥梁的加固 Reinforcement of highways and bridges

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Geogrid is a major geosynthetic material, which has unique performance and efficacy compared to other geosynthetic materials. Commonly used as reinforcement for reinforced soil structures or composite materials.


Geogrids are divided into four categories: plastic geogrids, steel plastic geogrids, glass fiber geogrids, and polyester warp knitted polyester geogrids. Grille is a two-dimensional grid or three-dimensional grid with a certain height formed by thermoplastic or molded high polymer materials such as polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride. When used in civil engineering, it is called a geogrid.


This product is mainly used as a support material for various tunnels such as anchor bolt tunnels, support tunnels, and anchor spray tunnels during underground coal mining.


When used for false roofs, use a combination of two or more layers. Suitable for various types of embankment and roadbed reinforcement, slope protection, tunnel wall reinforcement, and permanent bearing foundation reinforcement for large airports, parking lots, docks and freight yards.


The different sites, terrain, and materials used are also different. No matter how good the materials are, they cannot be used. Only suitable ones are the most important.