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Shandong Hengyang New Materials Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, manufacturing, and system solutions of water conservancy, environmental governance, and ecological restoration engineering materials. We currently have over 200 employees, and our company has over 20 patented technologies. With leading technology, first-class service, and high-quality product quality, we have received multiple awards and honorary titles

Our company focuses on the research and development of water conservancy, environmental and ecological restoration technologies, as well as product manufacturing, and has a professional construction engineering technical service team. We have completed over 100 water conservancy projects and over 200 environmental projects, including typical projects such as the South to North Water Diversion Project, the Three Gorges Project, the River Seepage Control Project, the Ring Water System Project, the Garbage Landfill Project, the Garbage Landfill Project, the Power Plant Seepage Control Project, the Train Station Seepage Control Project, and the Agricultural Reclamation Seepage Control Project.

Our company has more than 20 production lines, mainly including heavy metal ecological restoration blankets, restoration blankets, HDPE films, GCL-HB waterproof blankets, long wire anti clay geotextile, composite geotextile film, drainage network, short wire geotextile, etc. All products are non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials, which can be widely used in:

  1. Environmental remediation projects (soil improvement in grain bases, industrial sites, mining, water bodies, etc., vegetable greenhouses)

2. Water conservancy engineering (seepage prevention and reinforcement of river reservoirs and dams, seepage prevention of water channels, slope protection, etc.) and municipal seepage prevention (seepage prevention of subways, underground engineering of buildings, planting roofs, roof gardens, sewage pipeline lining, etc.).

3. Ecological and environmental engineering (domestic waste landfill, sewage treatment plant, power plant regulation tank, industry, hospital, solid waste, landscaping (artificial lake, river storage tank, pond substrate of golf course, slope protection, waterproofing of green lawn, anti-seepage of oil storage tanks in chemical plants, refineries, gas stations, chemical reaction tank, sedimentation tank lining, etc.), Mining industry (washing pond, overflow pond, ash yard, dissolution pond, sedimentation pond, storage yard, bottom lining anti-seepage of tailings, etc.).

4. Transportation (foundation reinforcement of high-speed railways and highways, anti-seepage of culverts).

Our company has established long-term cooperative relationships with well-known research institutes and environmental protection enterprises both domestically and internationally, and has a high-quality professional team engaged in technology research and development, production and manufacturing, as well as engineering services in water conservancy, environmental protection, and ecological restoration. Participated in the formulation of multiple national standards and technical specifications, the company advocates the business philosophy of "technology first, service supreme, and quality first", and adheres to the corporate purpose of "technological innovation, industry serving the country, and serving the people". Focusing on the fields of ecological water conservancy, environment, and restoration, we strive to create an environmentally friendly and beautiful living environment, and strive to create safety and health for humanity and society.