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土工膜可以用在哪些方面? In what ways can geomembranes be used?

author:hongruiwei Release time:2021-01-11 13:06:16visits:538


1、 Laying of foundation


Using anti-seepage geotextile membranes to lay the foundation can have a good waterproof effect. However, due to the non unique effectiveness of these raw materials, there are now quite a few applications of geotextile membranes.


2、 Geomembrane laying for large buildings


For some large buildings, the construction of geomembranes is very simple in terms of time, and there is no need to consume too much time during laying. At the same time, in different projects, some machines may be used to weld with such materials, making it quite easy to weld, and the effectiveness is also quite good.


3、 Geomembranes have excellent corrosiveness, strength, and toughness


Geomembranes have excellent corrosion resistance, impact resistance, tear resistance, high resistance to static water pressure, and UV resistance.


4、 Guarding dams


The anti water pressure characteristics of anti-seepage geotextile membranes can play a good role in protecting dams during their construction.