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糙面土工膜厂家装运有什么要注意的 What should be noted when manufacturers ship rough geomembrane

author:hongruiwei Release time:2021-01-11 13:06:27visits:599


When transporting rough geomembrane from the manufacturer, it is necessary to pay attention to using soft rubber materials for wrapping, and try to prevent heavy objects from falling from high places. Temporary sandbags that meet the requirements must be prepared during construction. To meet the requirements of no stones and dense clay layers, when unloading materials, whether it is salt or acid-base, the rough geomembrane will not undergo chemical reactions, and it should be prevented as much as possible from heavy objects falling from high places.


Rough geomembrane has good tear resistance and a relatively large coefficient of friction. The rough geomembrane enhances its wear resistance and water resistance, so it will not cause serious damage to the environment due to infiltration, and is highly welcomed by users.