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聚酯长丝土工布有什么用途? What are the uses of polyester filament geotextile?

author:hongruiwei Release time:2021-01-11 13:08:27visits:715


Filament geotextile is a polyester filament needle punched non-woven geotextile. The polyester filament geotextile is needle punched into a cloth like product through a high-speed needle punching machine. The needle punching process does not contain chemical additives or undergo heat treatment, making it an environmentally friendly building material.


It can replace traditional engineering materials and construction methods, making construction safer and contributing to environmental protection. It can solve basic problems in engineering construction more economically, effectively, and persistently.


Polyester filament geotextile is made directly from polyester chips through spinning, needle punching, and consolidation. The product specifications are randomly selected from 80-800g/m2. It is a type of geotechnical composition material used in geotechnical and civil engineering, and is made through the method of polyester filament mesh formation and consolidation. Its fibers are arranged into a three-dimensional structure.


In addition to outstanding mechanical functions, it also has outstanding vertical and horizontal drainage functions, outstanding extension functions, and high chemical stability functions such as biological resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and aging resistance. At the same time, it also has a wide pore size, curved pore distribution, excellent permeability and filtration function.


Use of polyester filament geotextile:


It can be used for reverse filtration of water conservancy engineering embankments and slope protection, as well as for barrier and anti-seepage of pathways; The basic barriers, filtration, drainage, soil slopes, retaining walls, and road reinforcement and drainage of highways, railways, and airport runways;


Soft foundation treatment for port engineering, reinforcement and drainage of beach embankments, harbor docks, and embankments; Polyester filament geotextile has been widely used in the field of infrastructure construction and is gradually being used in a wide range of fields.