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HDPE土工膜的隔潮特性 Moisture resistance characteristics of HDPE geomembrane

author:超级管理员 Release time:2023-06-12 13:57:13visits:214

HDPE膜也被称为高密度聚乙烯膜、HDPE土工膜、HDPE防渗膜,HDPE膜是由HDPE构成的塑料卷材,其HDPE是一种结晶度高、非极性的热塑性树脂。原态HDPE的外表呈乳白色,在微薄截面呈一定程度的半透明状。PE具有优良的耐大多数生活和工业用化学品的特性。某些种类的化学品会产生化学腐蚀,例如腐蚀性氧化剂(浓硝酸),芳香烃(二甲苯)和卤化烃 (四氯化碳)。

HDPE film is also known as high-density polyethylene film, HDPE geomembrane, and HDPE anti-seepage film. HDPE film is a plastic roll material composed of HDPE, which is a high crystallinity, non-polar thermoplastic resin. The appearance of HDPE in its original state is milky white, with a certain degree of translucency on its thin cross-section. PE has excellent resistance to most household and industrial chemicals. Certain types of chemicals can cause chemical corrosion, such as corrosive oxidants (concentrated nitric acid), aromatic hydrocarbons (xylene), and halogenated hydrocarbons (carbon tetrachloride).

HDPE土工膜具有优良的耐环境应力开裂性能,抗低温、抗老化、耐腐蚀性能,以及较大的使用温度范围(-60--+60)和较长的使用寿命 (50年)。因为密度(为0.94g/cm3或以上)的原因,该产品具有高效防水性与隔潮性。所以在修建需要防水隔潮的项目上起到至关重要的作用。

HDPE geomembrane has excellent environmental stress cracking resistance, low temperature resistance, aging resistance and corrosion resistance, as well as a wide temperature range (-60--+60) and a long service life (50 years). Due to its density (0.94g/cm3 or above), this product has efficient waterproofing and moisture resistance. So it plays a crucial role in building projects that require waterproofing and moisture insulation.