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糙面土工膜知识与应用 Knowledge and Application of Rough Geomembrane

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Rough geomembrane: High density polyethylene (HDPE) ordinary rough geomembrane is a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) geomembrane with a rough appearance produced by a special formula of native resin and special rolling process on one or both sides. The friction coefficient is relatively high.


Product specifications: thickness 1.0-3.0 mm, width 4-9m, length according to engineering design or customer requirements.


Product features: In addition to its chemical stability, mechanical properties, environmental stress cracking resistance, dimensional stability, heat aging resistance, and UV radiation resistance, rough geomembrane also has the characteristics of high friction coefficient and good anti slip effect. It is very suitable for laying around slopes or steep slopes and vertical anti-seepage in landfill sites, facilitating the secondary laying of geotextiles, and enhancing the membrane's load-bearing and deformation resistance. It is generally used on the surface of slope membranes and requires projects with a large friction coefficient. The performance index of this product produced by our company is twice that of ordinary rough geomembrane, improving engineering stability.

应用范围:市政环保,环卫防渗工程; 水利防渗工程;园林绿化水景防渗工程; 冶金石化行业防渗、防腐工程;交通基础设施的防渗工程;农业水利防渗工程;水产养殖行业。以及其他实施的防渗,防腐,防漏,加固,渗滤液的收集。临时性容器结构,特殊构件的预制等。

Application scope: Municipal environmental protection, environmental sanitation and anti-seepage engineering; Water conservancy anti-seepage engineering; Landscape greening and water feature anti-seepage engineering; Anti seepage and anti-corrosion engineering in the metallurgical and petrochemical industry; Anti seepage engineering of transportation infrastructure; Agricultural water conservancy anti-seepage engineering; Aquaculture industry. And other implementation measures such as anti-seepage, anti-corrosion, leak prevention, reinforcement, and collection of leachate. Temporary container structures, prefabrication of special components, etc.