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复合土工膜运用于高土石坝的难点 Difficulties in Applying Composite Geomembrane to High Earth and Rock Dams

author:hongruiwei Release time:2021-01-11 13:08:46visits:666

针对复合土工膜在水利工程的应用,目前还主要集中于渠道、低土石坝( 大多低于 30m) 、临时围堰工程、病坝渗漏治理等范畴。在高土石坝中,也局限于结合其它防渗材料中置土工膜的联合防渗形式,对于前置斜墙独立防渗形式鲜有应用。

The application of composite geomembranes in hydraulic engineering is currently mainly focused on channels, low earth and rock dams (mostly below 30m), temporary cofferdam engineering, and leakage treatment of diseased dams. In high earth rock dams, it is also limited to the combination of other anti-seepage materials with geotextile membranes, and there is little application of independent anti-seepage forms for front inclined walls.


Composite geomembrane, as a new type of anti-seepage geosynthetic material with a new structure, is an impermeable geotextile material composed of geomembrane as the anti-seepage substrate and non-woven fabric. The geomembrane plays a waterproof and anti-seepage role, while the geotextile plays a drainage and protection role.


Unlike projects such as low dams and temporary cofferdams, high earth rock dams have the characteristics of long operating time, high water head, complex operating conditions, and significant impact on downstream in the event of a failure. The reliability and durability of composite geomembranes as independent impermeable bodies are the difficulties in their successful application in high earth rock dams. The mechanical properties and anti-aging properties of composite geomembrane materials need to meet the requirements of long-term reliable operation of high dams. The stability of composite geomembrane inclined walls and how the dam body adapts to the geomembrane impervious body to achieve safe operation under various working conditions are also problems that need to be faced.