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EVA waterproof board-EVA防水板

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product introduction:产品功能: 防渗、隔离。产品用途: ●垃圾填埋场、污水或废渣处理场防渗。 ●江堤、湖坝、尾矿坝、污水坝及库区、渠道、蓄液池(坑、矿)。 ●地铁、地下室和隧道、隧洞防···

product details


Product Features:

       Seepage prevention, isolation。

Product Usage:


● Anti seepage measures for landfill sites, sewage or waste disposal sites.

River embankments, lake dams, tailings dams, sewage dams and storage areas, channels, and storage tanks (pits, mines).

● Underground, basement, tunnel, and tunnel anti-seepage lining.

● Salt and anti-seepage measures for roadbed and other foundations.

Horizontal anti-seepage blanket in front of the embankment and dam, vertical anti-seepage layer of the foundation, construction cofferdam, and waste disposal area.

● Seawater and freshwater aquaculture farms.

● Foundations for highways, highways, and railways; Waterproof layer of expansive soil and collapsible loess.

● Roof anti-seepage.