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池子漏水预防与解决 Prevention and Solution of Pool Leakage

author:超级管理员 Release time:2023-08-03 16:04:51visits:171


Leakage in a water pool is a common occurrence. Before dealing with it, it is important to first identify the cause and how to handle the leakage in the water pool. The materials and methods used for repairing different leaks vary. If it is caused by the weak substrate of the water pool, HDPE geomembrane material can be used for repairing it.


Material: HDPE geomembrane is a plastic material with high density, which is suitable for anti-seepage in landfills, sewage or waste disposal sites; River dams, lake dams, tailings dams, and storage tanks; Seawater and freshwater aquaculture farms; The foundation of highways, railways, and highways; Roof waterproofing, etc. This material is corrosion-resistant, high-temperature resistant, and can effectively prevent seepage.


Solution: Drain the bottom of the pool, cut the HDPE anti-seepage film to the corresponding size of the pool, and then use a professional welding machine to weld along the pool wall. During the welding process, the material should be attached and fixed on the pool wall to effectively achieve anti-seepage effect. Generally, the thickness of the HDPE anti-seepage film (0.5mm-2.0mm) is the best.