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Water conservancy project case

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Case study of composite geomembrane-复合土工膜案例

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Construction process of composite geomembrane

1. Cutting and transportation: According to the measurement records of the laying foundation, cut large bundles of composite geomembranes, number them, and transport them to the laying site according to their numbers. Pay attention not to drag or pull the composite geomembrane during transportation to avoid sharp objects from puncturing it.

2. Extend from the bottom to the high position, do not pull too tightly, and leave a margin of 1.50% for local sinking and stretching. Considering the actual situation of this project, the slope is laid in a top-down sequence.

3. The longitudinal joints of two adjacent frames should not be on the same horizontal line and should be staggered by more than 1M from each other.

4. The longitudinal joint should be located at a distance of more than 1.50M from the dam foot and bend foot, and should be located on a flat surface.

5. First the slope, then the bottom of the field.

6. When laying the slope, the direction of film spreading should be basically parallel to the large slope line.