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Short fiber needle punched geotextile-短纤针刺土工布

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product introduction:产品介绍: 高强丙纶短纤针刺土工布是以高强丙纶短纤维为主要原料,经开松、梳理、杂乱、铺网针刺以及喷洒拒水剂等工艺生产而成。性能特点: 断裂强度及抗刺破强度等物理机···

product details


Product Introduction:

       High strength polypropylene short fiber needle punched geotextile is made from high-strength polypropylene short fiber as the main raw material, and is produced through processes such as loosening, carding, disordering, mesh punching, and spraying water repellent. 

Performance characteristics:

The physical and mechanical properties such as fracture strength and puncture resistance have obvious advantages, which are 2-3 times higher than conventional products. The proportion of products with the same weight is low; It has good acid and alkali resistance, good hot melt adhesion, good on-site processability, and strong ability to adapt to various engineering conditions. The components used in the CRTS II slab ballastless track system can reduce the interaction between the track system and the bridge deck. 

Application scope:

   High strength polypropylene staple fiber needle punched geotextile is mainly used for the sliding layer between CRTS Ⅱ type slab ballastless track and beam surface of passenger dedicated railway, and geotextile materials for the isolation layer between CRTS Ⅱ slab ballastless track and friction room, and can also be widely used in hydropower, roads, railways, ports, airports, sports venues, tunnels, coastal mudflat, reclamation, environmental protection and other fields, playing the role of isolation, filtering, drainage, reinforcement, protection, sealing, etc.